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Bicycle maintenance
packages and prices


Bronze Service

  • Full safety check
  • Gears indexed and brakes adjusted

  • Tyres checked for wear and inflated to the correct pressure

  • Chain inspected and lubricated

  • All bolts checked for correct torque and adjusted as needed


Silver Service

  • Includes: Bronze service
  • Bike thoroughly cleaned

  • Wheels; hubs and rims checked for damage and wear and trued. Bearings removed, cleaned, greased and refitted, (bearings replaced if necessary)

  • Headset; removed, cleaned, greased, refitted and checked for movement

  • Bottom Bracket; removed, cleaned, bearing condition examined, greased and refitted to correct torque

  • Drive Train; (chain, cassette and chainset) removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated

  • Brakes; checked for effective operation and adjusted


Gold Service

  • Includes: Silver service
  • Frame & Forks; checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned and checked (if applicable), Frame facing (if applicable)

  • Brakes; removed, cleaned and serviced

    All Other Components; removed, checked for wear, cleaned, greased (and if applicable) refitted

Full Price List

1Brake pads fit and adjust (per brake)Mechanical£12.00/ £18.00 both
2Inner cable fitMechanical£10.00
3Outer cable fitMechanical£10.00
4Brake lever fit and adjustMechanical£15.00
5Cantilever brake service (including cables)Mechanical£18.00
6Caliper replacementMechanical£15.00
7Brake pads fit per brakeHydraulic£12.00
8Brake lever fit and adjustHydraulic£22.00
9Brake rotor fit (each)Hydraulic£12.00
10Brake caliper fit (each)Hydraulic£22.00
11Disc brake bleeding (each)Hydraulic£20.00
11Inner cable fitExternal cable£10.00
12Inner cable fitInternal cable£15.00
13Outer cable fitExternal casing£10.00
14Outer cable fitInternal casing£15.00
15Gear AdjustmentCable£15.00
16Chain ring fit (each)N/A£12.00
17Derailleur fit (each)N/A£15.00
18Chain fitN/A£12.00
19Cassette fitN/A£12.00
20Crank set fitN/A£20.00
21Headset fitting/removalN/A£20.00
22Head tube facingN/A£20.00
23Bottom bracket replacementN/A£20.00